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Let's talk skin care and what to use!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Everywhere you go you see creams, lotions, and potions.

People jumping in front of you asking you to try it.

The difference between a cosmetic and a cosmeceutical

The words anti-ageing, firming, toning and younger looking attracts your eye and you WANT it…

Then the question comes to mind….WILL THIS WORK?? Will I look younger if I apply this ever so loyally every night and every morning?!

Sooooo….Here’s some key points to consider when making a life changing decision as to what you are going to apply to your skin…keeping in mind that the skin is the body’s largest organ #justsaying


Available over the counter or on the shelve in stores or department stores

These products only keep areas where its applied to in good condition WITHOUT modifying the skin

Applied to the outer layers of the skin and cannot penetrate deeper than the epidermis

Usually contains low amounts of active ingredients to ensure that anyone can use it without getting an reaction or irritation

Costs can range for very cheap to highly expensive

These products can be suggested by the ladies at the product isle


Contains active ingredients with stronger formulations

Active ingredients like retinol, vitamins and peptides are the ones that make changes in your skin treating conditions like, ageing, sun spots, melisma etc.

Cosmeceuticals are formulated to penetrate through the epidermis to the dermis where your collagen, elastin and new skin cells form

These products for your skin care routine are available at Skin Care salons and can only be prescribed by a qualified skin care therapist having the sufficient training and knowledge

SO next time when you get some cream off the shelve when buying your monthly groceries…PLEASE hear my voice reminding you of the differences in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

Just remember, if you don’t look after your skin, the skin will age. It is true what my father said “goedkoop koop is duur koop”. Invest in your skin. Skin care does not have to be about applying 10 creams taking 30minutes and getting confused about what goes where. I always say, rather use some cosmeceuticals then a lot of cosmetics.

This is not just for the ladies. Men, you can do proper skin care too!!!

Contact me for your skin analysis.

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